Lace Wig

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  • This was my first wig purchase, and I, like many other reviewers was very apprehensive because of the price. But the great reviews and customer pictures persuaded me to get it. I chose same day shipping on a Thursday and it arrived around 8 pm. I wore it to work the next day -- everyone was so shocked and 95% of my co-workers thought I had cut off all of my hair and dyed it "gray". It'll be funny when I show up on Monday with my #2 wig purchase (long, black, and curly). My actual hair is very long, thick and lightish brown, so because of the length and thickness of my natural hair, it was hard to hide the fact that this was a wig without a hat. Which worked out just fine. I am very happy with this purchase and love being able to totally switch up my look with something that only costs $15!! That being said -- I did have to make some adjustments to the wig. Once I figured out how to keep my hair in place with the wig cap, I strapped this baby down to my head and gently combed, then I straightened on low heat and cut the bangs a little. I was too nervous to take too much off so I ended up pushing the bangs to the side. Overall I am very happy with my purchase and would recommend to anyone wanting to spice your hair life up a bit!!
  • Let me start by saying I am a 62 yr old natural red head. But as I've gotten older my red has turned brown and my silver, not gray is showing a lot more and it's a getting to be a pain in the patootie to keep it red. This is the first wig, but 2nd hair piece I've bought. The other is a very full curly red pony that looks amazing on so I wanted to try others and I've wanted to try silver for forever. I really really like this wig! It's not too full, and the front curls just like the picture shows. I am going to trim the bangs, they are a little long and I'm going to try and put in a part. If I can't do the part, well, at this price I can replace it. As a matter of fact, I'm going to buy a red one just like it and a blonde to try! I love the way this color suits me and one thing I learned on youtube was to spray it with dry shampoo to take the shiny down to look more natural. It did shed a bit when I brushed it the first time, but nothing major. Hubby says he's not sure about this color yet, but I think he'll like it when I get the bangs and other stuff done to it. He did ask me why I was changing my hair so much and I gave him the only answer anyone needed, ''because I can''!!
  • I have been purchasing these hair extensions for over a year now, I buy two packs every two months because I use heat on them pretty much everyday which results in them getting damaged so I get more! But overall I finally made a review because I have been so reliant on them because I love these hair extensions so much! It doesn’t even look like extensions! Props to this brand and to the people behind it! I hope my pics help the people not sure on this product or not. (Always order two sets) usually for me it’s around 65$ but so worth it every two months .. !! Thanks so much!!